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Patient lives matter, beyond survival!

‣  Soft COOLMAX® certified material

Sternal stabilization - deeper breathing

Full-torso, med. grade compression >

Reduce Pain and mitigate infection risk

Reduced Readmissions

Benefit patients, doctors & Hospitals >

‣  Small, containment pockets

Doctor recommended  

Research & Development

Materials science and design >

‣   Velcro, adjustable fit shoulder

‣   Zipper pad avoids skin irritation

Real world use indicates deeper breathing due to soft issue immobilization and prevention of sternal instabilities. Patient observation suggests  improved compliance with prescribed treatment protocol, reduced length of hospital stay and subsequently fewer re-admissions.

We have an unwavering focus on patient recovery and quality of life. You deserve the best medical care and support devices available to quickly return to the lifestyle you love. 

Patented Material

A Better Solution

‣   Antimicrobial Protection

We watched family members and friends struggle through post operative recovery squeezing that pillow and taking pain medication. All the while thinking, "There must be a better solution?" Patented materials science along with purposeful, engineered design deliver that solution in the sternal vest.. 

Reduced Pain, Faster Recovery 

Compliance with treatment plans >

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Postoperative stabilization

‣  All day stability and comfort

‣   Slots for drainage tubes

‣   Full-torso, medical grade compression

Comfort and Recovery

‣   Easy fit, hook & eye front closure

‣   Silvadur ™

The patented, warp-knit fabric and unique construction provides medical grade compression to help the body heal faster. It is engineered with Three-Dimensional Stretch™ to ensure optimal compression and reduce pain. It is even treated with Silvadur anti-microbial protection to help lower the risk of infections and improve recovery times.

Winner of 2016 Innovation Award -National Readmission Prevention Collaborative

Doctor / Caregiver Prescribed

Real world use indicates improved patient compliance with prescribed treatment protocol, reduced length of hospital stay and subsequently fewer re-admissions..


Patient Request

Today's patient has more access to data and information than ever. Whether you learn about the vest through a patient advocate, family member, friend or Google you can order the Stermal Vest direct.