Patient lives matter, beyond survival!

 Three Dimensional Strech 

Patented warp-knit fabric and unique construction, engineered with Three Dimensional Stretch™, anitimicrobial protection, COOLMAX® certified for all day comfort and hypo-allergenic.


Reliable, long lasting, medical grade compression improves sternal stabilization reducing pain and localized edema. 

You deserve more than bandages and a pillow to hug!




Saving lives and treating patients once was all that mattered. New regulations and financial ramifications are tied to patent satisfaction while the burden of many re-admissions is not covered by insurance providers. Patient comfort and preventing infection is more important than ever.

Includes FDA approved long lasting antimicrobial protection to help lower the risk of infection and resultant re-admissions or other complications.


Compression Vest


‣  Hypoallergenic - no latex, silicone or triclosine

‣  COOLMAX® Certified - wick away moisture

‣  All day comfort and stability


Patient satisfaction and re-admissions impact your bottom line.


Smithinc LLC.

‣  Superior softness - no biding or skin irritation



The Cardiothoracic Compression Vest, fabricated from uniquely engineered and patented materials offers unique benefits to include: sternal stabilization, reduced pain, mitigation of infection risks and reduced local edema leading to deeper breathing, improved patient quality of life and generally improved patient compliance with the prescribed treatment protocol. The sternal vest promotes healing and serves the surgeon, hospital system, primary care provider and patient to the same end - improved patient results.


‣  Engineered Stability Grid retains shape


"Patient Lives Matter!" should be a prominent headline. With over 1.7 million cardiothoracic surgical procedures per year, patient’s lives, recovery and prognosis matter. After a life altering, invasive, major surgical procedure you deserve more than bandages and a pillow to hug.

‣  Comfortable fit with medical grade compression


Winner of 2016 Innovation Award -National Readmission Prevention Collaborative


Infection Risk

Patented material engineered with three dimensional stretch & anti-microbial protection to promote healing and patient compliance with presecribed treatment protocol

‣  Promotes healing and patient quality of life 

‣  Antimicrobial Protection - mitigate infection risk